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# On June 2 2022, a Memorandum on the purchase of 100% of the shares of KERVAL a.s. was signed, the acquisition will take place by the end of 2022.       # On June 16 2022, the application for the competition Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2022 was successfully submitted; Category: Retail Design with our KERVAL 4DxtD® vending machine.       # On 22 August 2022, we became an authorized dealer and service provider of Schaffahausen heat pumps for the Czech Republic.

About us - our philosophy

We create values

The result of the work of our innovative team are robustly designed applications with a wide range of uses which bring maximum benefit to both our customers and us.

Efficiency and energy saving

Our applications are designed to be highly efficient in terms of minimizing production staff while maintaining ergonomics, energy comsuption, service interventions and at the same time maximizing the use of automated unit. We are comitted to the Green Agreement for Europe, the so-called „Green Deal“.

Education and development

With the ever-increasing demands in the field of automation and robotics, we place emphasis on the continuous education of colleagues in our team and the expansion of our horizons and specializations. We work closely with academic sphere on current topics.

Automation and robotization


Our experienced designers will develop the concept of the device in both 2D and 3D, taking into account the latest applications on the market. Part of the concept is also the elaboration of a detailed term plan and price calculation. If an operator is required for the application, the design also includes a safety concept and human load analysis.

Simulation and verification

After approving the concept, our digital factory team will test the functionality of the application. Using the most modern softwares, they simulate the movements of individual components and the transport of parts and products. Verification of all collision-free movements is a matter of course. We guarantee the functionality of the proposed concept.


We are able to assemble and commission the designed application or device either in our premises or directly at the customer's site. After proving the functionality, elaboration of all documentation and revisions, and the overall satisfaction of our customer, we consider the project completed.


Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2022; Category: Retail Design

KERVAL 4DxtD® - Vending machine

This is an original design multi-vending machine for fresh food.

With ambient lighting, automatic temperature and humidity control, its own Kerval CO-305 control unit and robotic arm (cobot), it delivers food to customers in a matter of seconds from Kerval Food Cartridge® dispensers. The machine has defacto contactless dispensing points with automatic disinfection and communicates with the customer using XR (Extended Reality) and mobile phone applications.

In the variant for indoor and outdoor spaces, even with the possibility of an outdoor mobile unit will be available in 2023.


KERVAL Food Cartridge® - Food storage tray

Unique food tray for the preservation of fresh food with microclimate monitoring and guaranteeing the impossibility of any food handling between the producer and the end customer.

Simple and safe handling by any untrained operator, monitoring both the position, condition and safety of fresh food.

The food storage tray is made of harmless and highly durable material, designed only for use in the KERVAL 4DxtD® vending machine.


Research and development

1. Identification of opportunities

After a careful assessment of all the innovations and trends in our areas of focus, in Basic Research we focus on deepening and acquiring new knowledge and, by definition, "to use it to build understanding and intelligence" that we can use in our favor.

2. Experimental development

Follows up on our Basic Research while meeting economic and other, ie. Applied Research (it means a combination of industrial and experimental research), where we use simulations and tests in a laboratory environment to verify the applicability of the technology or product.

3. Prototype production

We have our own premises for the realization of the results of Research and development, ie. in the production of a functional industrial product, or prototype, in which we further verify the properties of the structure in the testing laboratory and in practice, and we prepare documentation for delivery to the Manufacturer for zero or serial production.

4. Subsidies and financing

We use a combination of European grants, especially in the Horizon Europe program (2021-2027), in cooperation with other partners from universities and the commercial sphere, with venture capital from investment companies or individuals who believe in our system and procedure.


  • KERVAL Composite®

    Graphene-based composite structural elements with the aim of the highest possible resistance to heat and pressure, replacing existing steel structural elements under the condition of profitability and the "performance-price" ratio. Efficient ecological production technology is a matter of course.

    Graphene is a two-dimensional matrix of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal crystal lattice with tight bonds at a distance of 0.142 nm, only one atom in height. One square meter of graphene weighs only 00763 milligrams, but can carry up to four kilograms, the tensile strength is 130 GPa. This means that it is thin and light, but at the same time incredibly strong.

  • KERVAL Graphene Flywheel®

    Like all of us at this time, we are interested in two energy issues - ecological production of electricity for island systems with sufficient capacity even for light industry, as well as electricity storage. In our case, it is a matter of using the largest possible charging current to the backup device with a capacity of one to 2 MWh. It is not our condition to maintain energy for as long as possible, we only need continuous discharging for many hours.

    Under these conditions and following the current research of composite materials, we decided to design a graphene rotor and use it in our own solution of the mechanical energy accumulator using permanent magnets with active magnetic bearings in a vacuum chamber. We expect a long service life of the device, an unlimited number of charge and deep discharge cycles, high electrical input and charging and discharging power, without limiting functionality when fully discharged.

heat pumps schaffhausen pro

Air-to-water heat pumps for family houses

We are an authorized dealer and service of SCHAFFHAUSEN PRO heat pumps and operate a warehouse of spare parts and heat pumps directly in the Czech Republic. In the case of a service contract, the client has an extended warranty including heat pump replacement within 72 hours.

We provide professional installation including project and subsidy processing for both family and apartment houses. Our trained team of workers can complete the installation within three days throughout the Czech Republic.

Professional installation includes:
- Handover report
- Inspection report
- Acceptance report
- System test report
- Customer training
- Handover documentation including manual in your language

The installation price for the SCHP-016B2 16kW/380V heat pump with a 200l hot water exchanger and installation is approximately CZK 330,000 incl. VAT in autumn 2022, of which you can get up to CZK 100,000 from the New Green Savings subsidy.

We offer our clients a service contract for heat pump maintenance (inspection, cleaning, etc.), carried out annually by our trained staff to ensure the longest possible service life.


Industrial heat pumps

We prepare project documentation and installation of industrial air-water pumps with power from 24kW-220kW. We supply individual solutions according to customer requirements in case of need for higher heating outputs.

We provide regular servicing, guarantees and warranties.


Sustainability and Ecology

  • Biotechnology

    The goal of Biotechnology is to compile the scientific work of leading modern scientists into a single technological result that will make it possible to obtain the most anticipated technical solution, working with a minimum of energy.

    Our technological solution begins with the creation of technologies for the complete processing of biowaste into high-quality animal proteins and ends with the creation of bioproducts with predetermined therapeutic features, very useful for a wide range of consumers.

  • Landscape Energy Balance

    In addition to creating energy-saving technologies, we devote a lot of time and effort to developing methods how to use these technologies in a balanced way in a specific cultural and technological region of our country so as to save our resources as much as possible, protect the climate and preserve traditions and populations.

    In connection with the emerging energy crisis, the results of our work are extremely important not only for individuals, but for all of us.


  • Locomotive from 1947

    Freight locomotive series 53403 called "Kremák", which after 1945 participated in the renewal of the Czechoslovak Republic after World War II. As we are technology enthusiasts, we have decided to support the restoration of the technical gems of the past in the form of financial support.

  • Zalužany Castle

    We also sponsor the restoration and preservation of architecture in the Czech Republic, specifically we participate in the repair of the castle and its park in Zálužany.

  • „Sorry Jako Česká Justice“

    We have become sponsors of the book by the famous Czech lawyer and historian Milan Hulík, in which he shares his life stories in the judiciary.


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